Seven Daily Habits

  1. Physical Exercise. Look for ways to make more physical effort, not less. Park as far away from the door as you can, then take the stairs instead of the elevator. Go against the grain of society – rake your yard, shovel the driveway. Fill the empty minute with sixty seconds of distance run. Do all this after having done your daily exercise routine.
  2. Mental Exercise. Don’t stop learning after you finish school. Learn a new skill, hone it, add it to your repertoire. Watch less TV, read more books. Write a daily journal. Play chess or cards with friends. Your brain is like a muscle, it gets stronger when you exercise it regularly.
  3. Emotional Exercise. Discover your emotional side, especially if you are a male. Buy some water color paints or learn a musical instrument. You don’t have to be good, just explore. Read some poetry while listening to music. Watch a less-mainstream movie with a bit more of a plot.
  4. Spiritual Exercise. You don’t have to call this religion. Everyone is born into this world with a spirit, and it requires nurturing. Ponder the meaning of life – every day. You will notice a big change in your life. Try meditation. Do a random act of kindness. If you have a religion, explore it.
  5. Mental and Physical Nutrition. Everyone needs the following four things, the trick is to get it right. Think quality over quantity.
    • Food – Get it straight from Nature. No boxes, cans, or frozen stuff.
    • Water – Clean and pure. No pop.
    • Air – Clean and fresh. You will only find this outside, not in your house, car, skyway, or workplace.
    • Impressions – As a source of nutrition, this is often overlooked. Ingest less TV, video games, and violence. Take in more poetry, literature, philosophy, love.
  6. Sleep. Most people don’t get enough. In order to get more, think in terms of quantity and quality.
    • Quality – Avoid illuminated screens before bedtime. Make it as dark and quiet as you can in your bedroom. Get regular exercise – you will sleep better and need less sleep. If you are more awake during the day, you will be more asleep at night.
    • Quantity – Get the right amount of sleep. Sixteen hours is a plenty long day, especially if you go at it harder, because you have more energy.
  7. Awaken. Many people go through their days in a sort of hypnotic state. Our habits and routines have us acting like machines. Find ways to break this hypnotism, starting with your habits and routines.This is called remembering yourself – make it a daily struggle. There are plenty of books that touch on the Meaning of Life.