Wandering Where You Will

We all have a tendency to fret about small problems while neglecting big problems or issues. The hypnotism of life traps our attention and we meander through the day going from one small obsession to the next. I want to eat that but I’m trying to lose weight. Does that person really like me? The project at work is not going well.

And so our life is frittered away without ever considering the big problems. What do we really want from life? Why do we suffer?

We are too accustomed to thinking in a small way where everything is practical and safe. This may seem to be judicious but it stunts our growth and leaves us with the feeling of being stuck in a rut. Everything in life is a repetition. This is the metaphor of the cicada and the dove.

We need to think big. Crazy-assed big. There are tremendous faculties and resources within us but they lie latent. Why? Because these things are outside of our normal everyday world. Like a fish a thousand miles long that can change into a bird and fly.

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