True Quality Of Life

Here’s a great list to determine if you are happy or not in life, lifted from axel g

You are healthy and free from physical pain.

You are in emotional and mental balance. Not depressed, anguished or restless.

You have good friends and don’t suffer from loneliness.

You are not bullied or treated disrespectfully by anyone.

You live mindfully and every moment is filled with soothing presence.

You live life at your own pace.

You have ample time and are exposed to minimal stress.

You get enough rest and sleep.

You are free from anger and resentment.

There is justice and peace in your country.

You live in a safe neighborhood.

You have access to clean water and fresh air.

You eat healthy food.

You trust in life and feel at ease.

You love yourself as you are.

You enjoy life.

You have enough money to live. There is no need for excessive amounts.

You don’t get caught up in materialism.

You are contented with what you have. Don’t give in blindly to every desire and buy everything you take a liking to.

You are grateful for what you have.

You live your dream and do what you want in life.

People accept you as you are. May it be that you are an introvert, gay, vegetarian, spiritual, skinny, overweight, a non-drinker or nerd.

You are surrounded by good people.

Everyone around you including yourself are kind, helpful and considerate.

Everyone around you including yourself are honest and have good intentions.

Everyone around you including yourself do what is good and right. Don’t take advantage of anyone.

You lead a selfless life.

You care for your parents, family and friends.

You are kind to animals. Perhaps you’re vegetarian.

You have a home and feel that you belong to the local community.

You don’t socialize with fools, addicts or manipulative people, which is the same as inviting problems into your life.

You spend time with folks you are comfortable with.

You have someone to share love, sex and affection with.

You find a partner to have children with, if that’s your preference.

You have something to live for and look forward to. Don’t dwell too much on the past.

You are able to accept negative changes in life and even death. It’s liberating to flow with life as opposed to resisting every moment.

You don’t burden people with all your problems and don’t invite anyone to do it to you.

You don’t allow anyone to take advantage of you or hurt you in any way.

You have learned to say no.

You don’t boast about yourself or anyone close to you.

You are motivated and disciplined, which is needed to get ahead in life.

You strive to develop yourself in the areas of personal development, meditation, education and physical exercise.

You have the freedom to choose your profession, partners and friends. In some families and cultures that is unheard of.

You have a meaningful job and hobbies.

You are able to appreciate and see beauty in the small things in life.

You are playful. Don’t take life too seriously.

You live in a clean home, which makes for a supportive environment. Clean is much more important than new and modern.

You are not extremely overweight.

You live or spend time in nature.

You live in a pleasant climate.

You are able to travel and meet people from foreign cultures.

You have a healthy measure of self-esteem.

Best of luck!