Introduction to Gnosis

Gnosis is Greek for knowledge [γνῶσις, gnosis]. This knowledge is very old, for it is the Truth that lies behind every religion. The tenor of the message has always changed with the time and place of any new inception in order for it to be more easily understood. Every new […] Read more

The Lord God of Truth Within

The author, known as M, continues to make the elements of Eastern Yoga accessible to the Western mind. This is done without forcing us into postures or poses that won’t benefit us. The concepts and ideas are presented in a way that we can grasp intuitively rather than intellectually. In […] Read more

The Day-Spring of Youth

This book is a presentation of yoga, but not the yoga Westerners would be accustomed to. We think yoga is a form of physical exercise similar to Pilates. This would be Hatha yoga most likely. This is an initiation into Eastern yoga which is very much of a spirutual nature. […] Read more