Introduction to Gnosis

Gnosis is Greek for knowledge [γνῶσις, gnosis]. This knowledge is very old, for it is the Truth that lies behind every religion. The tenor of the message has always changed with the time and place of any new inception in order for it to be more easily understood. Every new religion would bring a few souls to the Light before it was eventually corrupted and overrun by the forces of darkness.

In these dark times society is very much in need of a light to show the way. The author shares his knowledge and experience to help us understand Gnosis. The upshot of Gnosis is to know our inner world and how it relates to the outer world. As it turns out, Gnosis tells us that our microcosmos (inner world) is a blueprint of the macrocosmos (outer world). As above, so below.

Gnosis is a large body of knowledge comprising Art, Science, Religion and Philosophy. This book presents the knowledge and methods we need to start this exploration of our inner world. We can start with the question: ‘Why are we here?’ From there we can move on to ‘How to Solve a Problem.’ We may then ask, ‘Why do we Suffer?’

The author encourages us to validate everything he says with our own experiences. He is not looking for followers or believers. He does not expound on theories and dogma or engage in philosophical argument. His message is based on his knowledge and experience, which is considerable. If we compare him to our modern-day TV evangelists we see a contrast of opposites. A true master does not preach as a money-making venture, nor does he speak beyond that which he knows from his own experiences.

There is an exercise for managing our anger, which can often be our undoing. There is a method for visualizing success in a business venture, which is a surprising topic for a master or guru to expound on. But it is important for us to succeed in this world with a certain amount of comfort and happiness or else how can we address our inner world and have time to explore it?

We are given advice on mental hygiene. This addresses the mental pollution in our society and the mental epidemics which are so prevalent. It is surprising how much we focus on the physical aspects of hygiene and never give much thought to our mental health.

Certainly there is much to explore in such a small book. Invention, imagination, intuition. These faculties are largely unused and latent in us because our habits and behaviors thwart us. Certainly we need a new approach to break out of the rut of our ignorant behavior. In order to fix ourselves we need to know ourselves first, fundamentally and in depth.

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